Position Descritptions


No experience is necessary to apply for any position. You can find detailed descriptions in the bylaws here. You can also find the application here.


This President is in charge of making sure everything happens during the year and planning for the future. It’s a two fold position that encompasses both management and leadership. The person in this role needs to manage the day to day operations of the council through delegation and updates while also leading the group in the right direction by providing an overall vision for the council.

VP Finance

The Vice President of Finance handles all of the finances of the council. This person works directly with the Corporate Director to acquire and maintain corporate sponsorship. The bulk of this role is to be the interface between members of the club and ASI to handle our finances.

VP Events

The Vice President of Events is in charge of all of the events that ESC plans. There is a lot of opportunity for delegation as we put on a wide variety of events. The bulk of the work is planning eWeek, a week long event celebrating everything it means to be an engineer.

VP Internal

The Vice President of Internal Relations handles all of the communication within the council. This includes everything from taking notes to managing the social media accounts. In essence, this role is a hybrid between a secretary and a public relations manager.

VP External

The Vice President of External Relations represents the council to other groups on and off campus. This person manages the club relations aspect of ESC, alumni relations, and reaching out to philanthropies for the council to donate time/resources to.

VP Recruitment/Retention

The Vice President of Recruitment and Retention is in charge of internal motivation. This means actively recruiting freshman and other students to join the council. This role is in charge of LiFE (Leaders in Freshman Engineering) as well as getting people to attend events.

Corporate Director

The Corporate Director is the main point of contact for corporations. This role is in charge of reaching out to large and small companies for the council to partner with for events throughout the year (mostly for eWeek).

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