National Association of Engineering Student Council (NAESC) is designed to foster communication and promote coordination between engineering student councils nationwide. Our council attends conferences to learn from other schools. Both national and regional conferences are a great way to meet other councils and exchange ideas regarding fundraising, member retention, and more. Our Leaders in Freshmen Engineering (LiFE) program came from a sister school during a regional conference.

In the past, a group of our council members attended the national conference at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The conference spanned across four days consisting of both social and information activities. The conference helped councils gain perspective to what other schools have done.

The conference allows schools across the nation to showcase their best efforts during the year in hopes that other schools can benefit from the ideas of their events. Schools are willing to talk with others and exchange ideas and information. But conferences are not all business. The conference committee plan social events to allow students to form new friendships and reconcile with old friends.

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