Western Regional Conference

Western Regional Conferences are similar to nationals, but on a smaller scale. During conferences, workshops are help among the students where ideas can be exchanged. In addition, social activities are planned to allow the forming of friends and colleagues. Conferences are beneficial to all participating engineering student councils and provide valuable information that can help expand and solidify Cal Poly’s Engineering Student Council.

During previous years, we have a student council member sitting on the Western Regional Board, Robby Potter. Robby represents the Western Region as the President of the Western Region.

WRC 2017: October 14-15


Western Regional Conference Schedule:

Thursday, October 2

4-11pm: Hotel check-in booth open

Friday, October 3

7:00-8:00am: Breakfast at Hotel

8:30-9:00am: Welcome

9:00-9:30am: WTF is Cal Poly?

9:30-10:00am: Ice Breaker Activities

10:00-10:45am: Roundtable Session 1

10:45-11:30am: Roundtable Session 2

11:30am-12:15pm: Lunch

12:15-3:45pm: Tours

3:45-6:00pm: Free Time

6:00-8:30pm: Dinner Event

Saturday, October 4

9:00-10:00am: Breakfast at hotel

10:00-10:30am: Transportation to Pismo Beach

10:30am-12:00pm: Beach Games and Activities

12:00-1:00pm: Pismo Beach Lunch

1:00-1:30pm: Transportation to Regional Meeting

1:30-2:30pm: Regional Meeting and Discussion

2:30-3:00pm: Walk to Hotel

3:00-5:00pm: Break

5:00-5:30pm: Walk to Banquet

5:30-7:30pm: Banquet and Closing Ceremony

Sunday, October 5

Check-out & Departure

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