Engineering Departments:

The Engineering Department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo consists of thirteen different majors which are listed below. For more information on departments & programs click here.

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Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautics focuses on systems that operate in the Earth’s atmosphere and Astronautics on those operating in space. Within each division, your choice of a career path can take you on a journey through widely varying disciplines as you advance through the ranks of an organization

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field in which engineering principles and tools are applied to solve biomedical problems. By its very nature, it is broad and requires a depth of understanding in engineering as well as in physiology and other biological sciences.  Biomedical Engineering plays an increasingly important role in medicine and in projects that range from basic research in physiology to advances in biotechnology and the improvement of health care delivery.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering emphasize the study of engineering principles and the application of scientific knowledge and technology for the betterment of humankind. The program stresses the team design concept and systems approach to problem solving.

Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering major is an interdisciplinary program resting on the foundations of two departments: Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Computer Science & Software Engineering

The Computer Science Department educates students in the disciplines of computer science and software engineering, and teaches them to apply their education to solve practical problems in a socially responsible way. Pursuant to the department’s educational mission, faculty engage in research and professional development that allows them to remain current in their fields and to provide technological leadership to the university community.

Electrical Engineering

The Cal Poly Electrical Engineering Department serves many undergraduate and graduate students. With its large number of laboratory classes and high degree of instructor-student interaction, the Department is able to achieve the Cal Poly motto: ‘Learn by doing’

General Engineering

The Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering is designed to allow students the latitude in course selection required to educate themselves either in the classical study of engineering or in new and evolving interdisciplinary technologies such as bioengineering and mechatronics.

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Industrial Engineering students design, install, and improve systems that integrate people, technology, materials, and information.

Materials Engineering

Materials engineers deal with materials spanning the spectrum from steels for large bridges, buildings, pipelines, and similar structures to ultra-light, high-strength materials used in modern aerospace applications. Materials engineers are heavily involved in the advances being made with high-temperature, superconducting ceramics, and with biomedical device applications.

Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering concerns itself primarily with the design, construction, and use of a wide variety of equipment ranging from manufacturing machinery and power generation equipment to consumer goods. Of primary concern to the mechanical engineer is the proper application of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics in the design, manufacturing, and use of this equipment.

Liberal Arts & Engineering Studies

The LAES program is a hybrid study of engineering and technology components enriched with the appropriate features of culture, arts and the humanities that includes specializations in the study of sound and music, theater, public policy, interactive design, intercultural communication, and a wide range of other innovative technical careers.