Here, freshmen are immediately placed within their own committee where they learn what it takes to become a leader. Freshmen will foster an understanding of teamwork, budget management, deadlines, and leadership.

Engineering Student Council is in the process of compiling a series of workshops that range from developing ideas, to ordering food, to advertising, to executing successful events. We strive to provide freshmen with the tools they need to lead and succeed whether it be with Engineering Student Council or another club here on campus.

Past Events

Past LiFE groups have planned events such as the annual “Class of” photo day where freshmen within the College of Engineering gather and pose for a picture spelling out their graduation year (see photos below). Freshmen get a chance to show their class spirit while socializing with other engineering students.

Additionally, eWaste events have been planned by the LiFE committee allowing students to bring electronic waste that cannot otherwise be disposed of. This event has not been annual and is up to the discretion of the LiFE committee.

Furthermore, during Engineers Week 2011, the LiFE committee took on the challenge to plan an eWeek event. The LiFE committee developed eLympics, a cross between relay and engineering. Students were tested both physically and mentally. Participants were required to navigate through integrals, a speed walking obstacle course, and the weight of a full backpack. Nothing out of the ordinary for your average engineer.

Lastly, the LiFE eRave bringing electronic, trance, and dance music on to campus for an evening of hypnotic, black light fun!

Class of 2013


Class of 2014


Class of 2015


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